New members are welcomed enthusiastically.

Membership cost $30/y and includes:

  • A copy of our monthly newsletter
  • An Invitation to all planned excursions, and group events.
  • An opportunity to contribute your skills, time & knowledge to the preservation of our local history and the continuation of our organisation.

Please contact us via email to request a Membership Form.



We're always grateful to anyone who is prepared to volunteer their skills to help us continue to preserve our local history.

Volunteers meet every Wednesday from 10am to 3pm to assist with the following assortment of tasks:

  • Manning the Old Telegraph Station and assisting any visitors through the door.
  • Transcribing hand written work into electronic documents using programs such as Microsoft Word.
  • Documenting two & three dimensional items in our collection; continuing to add to our catalogue.
  • Helping to organise small events.
  • Writing & recording local history - there are so many stories to be told.
  • Compiling documents for cataloguing.



We meet in The Old Telegraph Station at 7:30pm on the third Thursday of each month.

We also host a scattering of events and excursions throughout the year.




The $30 membership fee contributes approximately $15/y to the organisation's running costs.

We are always incredibly grateful for any financial donations that contribute to the ongoing preservation work we endeavour to undertake.