The Life Story of Doris Mary Dawson nee Fox

Doris Mary Fox born 1906 in Campbells Creek she was the fifth child of Benjamin Fox b.1859 d.1944 in Yapeen and Abigail Harris Stephens Scoles b.1868 d.1943 in Campbells Creek.

Doris attended the Campbells Creek State School and later the Castlemaine High School. 1918 Doris won the “Stanmore” scholarship which entitled her to free tuition during 1919 and 1920 in domestic arts course at the Castlemaine Technical and High School.

Doris attended the Newstead State School, where she did her teacher training from September 1924 until September 1927. She then held teaching positions at Winlaton, Wal Wal, Cudgewa and Curyo West.

In 1930 Doris married Reginald George Dawson at the Christ Church of England Castlemaine. They lived at McKenzie Hill, where they started a poultry farm, building poultry pens from second-hand materials. This farm was named “Ramardi” after a village in Mesopotamia where Reg served in the First World War.

McKenzie Hill is where their six children were born George, Peter, Len, Wavell, Mary and Elsie. The children attended the Winters Flat State School and later the Castlemaine Technical and High Schools.

1950 the Dawson family sold the poultry farm and moved to Raywood, north of Bendigo.

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